Dyno (old releases)


Dyno - is organising, deploying and running Dynamo workspaces tool for Autodesk Revit

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Dyno is equally good for work with Dynamo algorythmic architecture workspaces, various automatisation and extending Revit possibilities. Dyno provides versatile and simple possibilities for making work with Dynamo workspaces faster.

General features

  • Organise and group - Organise Dynamo workspaces and place them on server or any local folder.
  • Make presets for workspaces - Any workspace may have several initial node values (presets) for different using cases.
  • Run in one click - Just double click on preset line in Dyno browser and it will be evaluated without opening Dynamo main window. Watch results - Dyno shows end and/or intermediate evaluation results from "Watch" nodes.

Use Dynamo scripts as usual Revit commands and even more!


Launch the installer and Dyno will automatically be installed and integrated in all versions of Revit.

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